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Theory Test

Practical Driving Test

The Theory Test is a screen-based test that consists of two parts in which you must pass both parts, and can be taken at your local Driving Standards Theory Test Centre.  


The first part is the muiltiple choice part of the theory test.


This consists of 50 muiltiple choice questions  some questions will be given as a case study.  The case study will show a short story that five questions will be base on real life experiencees that you could come across when driving.


Before you start this part of the test you will be given the oportunity to work through a practice session for up to 15 minutes to get you used to the system.  Staff  at the test centre  will be available to help you if you have any difficulties.


The questions will cover a variety of topics relating to road safety, the enviroment and documentation.


Only one question will apear on the screen at one time, most questions will ask you to mark one correct answer from four possible answers given.  Some questions may ask for two or more correct answers from a selection.


Take your time and read the questions carefully.


You are given about 57 minutes for this part.


Pass mark = 43/50


Once you have finished the multi-choice questions you will take the hazard perception test. This consists of fourteen video clips and is designed to assess your ability to recognize road hazards. Thirteen of the clips contain a single hazard and one contains two, you must achieve


44/75 to pass.


You will need to pass both the multi-choice questions and the hazard awareness test in order to successfully pass the theory test.